Project Management

IATA developed a NDC Project Management roadmap for the initial deployment of NDC within your organization

The NDC Project Management roadmap is based on the following six steps:

  • Scope: your airline assesses the extent to which NDC will support your distribution strategy.
  • Simulate: your airline establishes its business case for NDC, working with representatives from the relevant departments, and using the NDC Financial Simulator.
  • Solutions: your airline assigns the IT department to work closely with the Business Development department in identifying the most appropriate technology solutions and vendors.
  • Select: your airline reviews the responses to the Requests-For-Proposal it will have issued and select the proposal that best fits your airline’s requirements.
  • Start: together with the chosen vendor, your airline starts the implementation of the project, as defined in the business case.
  • Scrutiny: at this stage, your airline starts monitoring and analyzing the actual results of the deployment of NDC within your organization versus the initial business case.