The NDC XML-based Standard includes a set of schemas that covers the ‘end- to-end’ airline distribution process.

The NDC XML-based Standard follows four guiding principles:

  • - It is modular and flexible
    - It is not mandatory
    - It is business model-agnostic
    - It can be integrated into existing processes and systems.

There are no specific schemas for interline, however the schemas for Shopping and Order Management enable airlines to send requests for offers and associated services to their interline partners, and manage the resulting booking and servicing, including for ancillary products.

IATA also produced the NDC Implementation Guide in order to facilitate the understanding and adoption of the NDC Standard from a technical point of view.

The NDC Implementation Guide helps your airline define how to approach an NDC project first conceptually, i.e. how to develop the elements that may form an NDC project within your organization, and then focuses on the more technical aspects of the project.